The 15th Annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference





Renie Anderson

Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President, NFL Partnerships, NFL

Leore Avidar

CEO and Founder, Alt

Shane Battier

Former Vice President, Analytics and Basketball Development, Miami Heat; 2012 & 2013 NBA Champion, Miami Heat

Billy Beane

EVP of Baseball Operations, Oakland A's

Gregg Berhalter

Head Coach, USMNT

Kristin Bernert

President of Business Operations, Columbus Crew

Richard Bickers

Founder, SquashLevels

Sue Bird

WNBA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Co-Founder of A Touch More and Togethxr

Elton Brand

General Manager, Philadelphia 76ers

John Buccigross

Host - SportsCenter, ESPN

Brian Burke

Sports Data Scientist, ESPN

Paul Caine

President, Endeavor’s IMG Events and On Location

Valerie Camillo

Board Member, Herschend Family Entertainment

Catherine Carlson

CRO, Philadelphia Eagles

Kathy Carter

CEO, LA28 | CEO, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Properties

Nick Caserio

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Houston Texans

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Research Papers

A Poisson Betting Model with a Kelly Criterion Element for European Soccer

Kushal Shah
James Hyman
Dominic Samangy

Download the Full Paper Here
Baseball Predictions and Strategies Using Explainable AI

Joshua Silver, Singlearity
Tate Huffman, Harvard University

Download the Full Paper Here
Decoding MLB Pitch Sequencing Strategies via Directed Graph Embeddings

Arnav Prasad

Download the Full Paper Here
Dissecting the Tennis Rally: Valuing Decision Making and Shot Execution in Tennis

Robert Seidl
Machar Reid
Sam Robertson

Download the Full Paper Here
I Think We'll Go to Boston - Marathon Performance Prediction

Varun Pemmaraju, Strava
Dave Hoch, Strava

Download the Full Paper Here
Increasing the shot at a quality draft-decision – A Bayesian approach to improve predicting three-point accuracy translation in the NBA Draft

Tobias Berger
Frank Daumann

Download the Full Paper Here
Leaving Goals on the Pitch: Evaluating Decision Making in Soccer

Maaike Van Roy
Pieter Robberechts
Wen-Chi Yang
Luc De Raedt
Jesse Davis
KU Leuven

Download the Full Paper Here
MAYFIELD: Machine Learning Algorithm for Yearly Forecasting Indicators and Estimation of Long-Run Player Development

Alexander Williams, The Ohio State University
Sethward Brugler, General Motors
Benjamin Clarke, The Ohio State University

Download the Full Paper Here
Making Offensive Play Predictable - Using a Graph Convolutional Network to Understand Defensive Performance in Soccer

Michael Stöckl
Thomas Seidl
Daniel Marley
Paul Power 

Download the Full Paper Here
Performance Index: A New Way To Compare Players

Simon Demediuk, Anders Drachen, Athanasios Kokkinakis, Moni Sagarika Patra, Justus Robertson, Ben Kirman, Alistair Coates, Alan Chitayat, Jonathan Hook, Isabelle Nolle, Oluseyi Olarewaju, Daniel Slawson, Marian Ursu, Florian Oliver Block

University of York, Digital Creativity Labs

Download the Full Paper Here
Predicting NBA Talent from Enormous Amounts of College Basketball Tracking Data

Andrew Patton, Matt Scott, Nathan Walker, Alex Ottenwess, Paul Power, Aditya Cherukumudi, and Patrick Lucey (Stats Perform)

Download the Full Paper Here
Prediction of Defensive Player Trajectories in NFL Games with Defender CNN-LSTM model

Lin Lee Cheong & Xiangyu Zeng, Amazon Web Services
Ankit Tyagi, NFL Next Gen Stats

Download the Full Paper Here
Risk of Collusion: Will Groups of 3 Ruin the FIFA World Cup?

Julien Guyon

Download the Full Paper Here
Routine Inspection: A playbook for corner kicks

Laurie Shaw, Harvard University
Sudarshan Gopaladesikan, SL Benfica

Download the Full Paper Here
Sharpstack: Cholesky Correlations for Building Better Lineups

Andy Sherman-Ash
Keith Goldner

Download the Full Paper Here
Using Mobile Location Data to Assess Sponsorship Effectiveness

David Schweidel
Kyeongbin Kim
Michelle Andrews

Download the Full Paper Here