Ben Alamar

Sports Analytics Author & Consultant

Keith Goldner

Vice President of Data Science, FanDuel

Kirk Lacob

Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations, and VP of GSW Sports Ventures, Golden State Warriors

Oliver Luck

Chairman, Altius Sports Partners

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Keep Your Players on the Ice: Applying Catapult Data

Competitive Advantages
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Research Papers

Alleviating Competitive Imbalance in NFL Schedules: An Integer-Programming Approach

Murat Kurt

Download the Full Paper Here
Assessing the offensive productivity of NHL players using in-game win probabilities

Stephen Pettigrew

Download the Full Paper Here
Diamonds on the Line: Profits through Investment Gaming

Clayton Graham

Download the Full Paper Here
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Dynamic Pricing Strategies on MLB Single-Game Ticket Revenue

Joseph Xu
Peter Fader
Senthil Veeraraghavan

Download the Full Paper Here
Graphical Model for Baskeball Match Simulation

Min-hwan Oh
Suraj Keshri
Garud Iyengar

Download the Full Paper Here
Who Is Responsible For A Called Strike?

Joe Rosales
Scott Spratt

Download the Full Paper Here
“Quality vs Quantity”: Improved Shot Prediction in Soccer using Strategic Features from Spatiotemporal Data

Patrick Lucey
Alina Bialkowski
Mathew Monfort
Peter Carr
Iain Matthews

Download the Full Paper Here


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