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Entering a New Reality: The Future of Live Events

About This Event

The phrase “live sporting event” has taken on a new meaning in recent years. Gone are the days when fans simply showed up to a stadium to watch a game. Fans now have a myriad of avenues for entertainment and engagement when visiting a sporting event. Hospitality and premium experiences have been redefined by significant enhancements to curated event packages, behind-the-scenes access, and white glove service. Sporting events now feature a wide array of improved seating, dining, and experiential options that are more customizable and accessible than ever before. The introduction of next-generation venues like shared reality event spaces will further alter the live viewing experience and enable fans to enjoy sporting events in new ways. Amid this changing landscape, what will fans of today and tomorrow demand from live sporting events? How can industry leaders in hospitality, event management, immersive experiences, and property marketing deliver on these expectations? Join executives from OnLocation, AEG, Cosm, and Wasserman as they discuss the latest trends and outlook for the future of live events.

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