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Ticketing: When Precedent is No Longer a Predictor

About This Event

The world of ticketing has been front and center to the challenges and changes of live sports over the last two years.. As fan preferences change and technology improves, the landscape for ticketing for all parties involved -- teams, leagues, and actual ticketing agencies -- is also rapidly evolving. With contactless and paperless ticketing becoming the norm, teams and leagues are now thinking more critically about their ticketing strategy, which has kicked open the door for deeper integration between ticketing and the fan experience before, during, and after games. This panel brings together executives across teams and leagues and ticketing strategists to discuss the lasting effects of COVID, how new technology will continue to foster innovation, and what ticketing will look like at the end of the decade.

Pat Summitt Room
March 5, 2022
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
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