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The Data Evolution: Building efficient golf swings

About This Event

There are elite athletes in the world of sports, and then the rest of us. While the two groups rarely intersect on the field or course, their desires to do better are unwavering. For coaches, this creates a unique opportunity to partner with and develop players to perform at their individual best. However, where does a coach start, and what tools will produce the most efficient results? In golf, we train players to perform and produce consistent, powerful swings. For a long time, golf coaches used ball flight visuals, divot production, the sound of the strike, and opinion based on experience. However, anatomy and biomechanics play a significant role in the correct functional movement patterns, while torque and forces play a role in speed production. Understanding a student's kinematic sequence and how they interact with ground forces is vital for diagnosis and correction.In 2023, technological advancements offer coaches the tools to provide feedback on metrics and analytic data for faster improvement and understanding these efficiencies. Instructors choose from a multitude of techniques. These include 2-D video, Quadrascopic High-Speed Imagery, Launch Monitors that measure microwaves moving from a golf ball to the club to track data, and pressure measurement platforms showcasing three-dimensional ground force reactions.Today, we will focus on the newest advancement, 3-D AI learning, from the palm of your hand.

Competitive Advantage (302)
March 4, 2023
11:15 am
12:15 pm
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