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Partnerships: Activating Value

About This Event

In an era where sports sponsorships offer an abundance of assets, from jersey patches to on-court branding, the challenge lies in ensuring that partners receive optimal value while maintaining fan engagement and data privacy. This panel, featuring perspectives from leaders across various industries and roles, including the USTA, NWSL, Los Angeles Rams, and Joe Gibbs Racing, delves into the dynamics of sponsor-brand-fan relationships. This panel will explore evolving fan expectations, successful activations, and the impact of shifting data landscapes on sponsorship strategies. While traditional marketing remains a cornerstone of sponsorships, the panel will discuss how it's transitioning to become more digital, emphasizing the fusion of traditional and digital marketing in today's sports sponsorship ecosystem. The panel offers insights into how sponsors are adapting their approaches to first-party data access, emphasizing the importance of staying connected to fans in innovative ways.

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