Dark Arts: What the Sports World Can Learn From Chess - Panel Discussion and Chess Simul With GM Robert Hess

About This Event

What happens in Chess will eventually happen in all sports. Chess was the first sport to incorporate a theoretically sound rating system, Elo, that has been the foundation of most rating systems in other sports such as soccer, tennis, esports ladders, and more. In addition, AI came to chess well before any other sport and it is now changing the foundation of nearly every sport. Chess has also been first with automated cheat detection which may have been useful in another hardball sport recently. Hear chess Grandmasters, athletes, and enthusiasts weigh in on these topics and discuss the lessons the sports industry will untap in the future from chess. Additionally, don’t miss out on attendees challenging a chess Grandmaster in a live chess simulation.

Bill Walsh Room
March 6, 2020
11:30 pm
1:00 am
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