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The New Playbook: Revolutionizing Sports Gaming with Data and Technology

About This Event

In the rapidly evolving landscape of sports gaming, the intersection of data analytics and technological innovation is creating unprecedented opportunities for growth and engagement. This panel will explore the forefront of innovation in sports gaming, highlighting how data is driving the development of new products and enhancing the sports viewing experience. Key topics will include new DFS game formats, responsible gaming initiatives, the integration of Esports into traditional sports gaming platforms, and the growth of digital communities that connect sports enthusiasts and enable them to form deeper connections to the games they love. Experts from leading gaming companies, including PrizePicks and Fanatics, will offer a deep dive into the intricate behind-the-scenes efforts that fuel these cutting-edge advancements in sports gaming. They will provide a rare glimpse into the complex interplay of data analytics, technology, and creative vision that underpins the development of new gaming formats and enhancements to the sports viewing experience. Through this discussion, the panelists will uncover how data and technology are not just changing the way games are played, but also how they are watched and experienced, paving the way for a more immersive and engaging sports gaming future.

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