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NFTs, Ownership, and Utility: Outlining the Path Forward for Digital Assets Presented by Ticketmaster

About This Event

NFTs have redefined asset ownership - for the first time, people can rightfully claim their stake in digital assets. Brands have created NFT sneakers for people to collect and trade while on the metaverse platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox, people can buy, sell, and rent virtual plots of land. Games such as Axie Infinity even allow users to earn money from their owned in-game assets. The promise of NFTs already upended many established industries and has set its sights on truly transforming the sports world. This panel brings together leaders from Dapper Labs, Ticketmaster, The National Football League, and the Drone Racing League to discuss the future of NFTs and the impact they will have on the sports world.

Bill James Room
March 5, 2022
11:00 am
12:00 pm
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