Investing With the Bulls: Wall Street Analytics In Sports

About This Event

Not only has the popularity of sports investing increased in recent years, but the value of sports franchises has grown by 3-5x in the past decade. Learn how industry leaders, Josh Harris, Co-Founder of Apollo Global Management, and Steve Pagliuca, Co-Chairman of Bain Capital, successfully turned their financial investing expertise towards sports investing. With returns of 8-10x in their initial investments in the Sixers and Celtics, respectively, both will articulate their shared principles for success that translate across industries. In addition, they’ll touch on the rationale for acquiring a team, the unique opportunities in each league, the additional sports assets they maintain in their portfolio, and the new growth areas they’re interested in pursuing.

Pat Summitt Room
March 5, 2020
11:15 pm
12:15 am
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