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FemTech or "Bro"Tech: Are Data from Wearables Missing the Mark for Female Athletes?

About This Event

One of the largest innovations in tech and the medical sphere is FemTech; the use of specific technologies, protocols, diagnostic tools to close the data gap and have a better understanding of female specific metrics. In the sport and fitness world, we are still plagued by "Bro-Tech", wearables and technology that have been designed in a male environment using the default cis-male model. We know that women's bodies are different from men's bodies on a cellular level; yet the key metrics and protocols used to track and train our athletes are no different between the sexes. This presentation aims to invoke clarity into why we need to change and focus on closing the gender data gap to enhance the performance potential of our female athletes.

Competitive Advantage (302)
March 4, 2023
10:45 am
11:45 am
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