Analyst, Food & Beverage (Concessions)

Cleveland Guardians
Cleveland, Ohio
Sports Team
Improve and maintain critical business functions including, but not limited to, pricing of all products, sales- and transaction-level forecasting, business reporting (Tableau), fraud alert/monitoring, and customer behavior modelling. Enhance back-end commissary operational efficiencies while leveraging location-level transaction and inventory data Maintain excellent documentation and communication both within the Guardians and in partnership with the Concessionaire to generate buy-in and long-term stability of core processes. Coordinate with Guardians and Concessionaire market research functions to develop ongoing research initiatives that inform strategic decisions, including price sensitivity surveying. Identify, organize, analyze, and present data from sources including ticket sales, food and beverage sales, social media interaction, survey responses, and employee hiring for applications such as ticket offerings, sales prospecting, budget planning, and Game Day operations for both the Team and Concessionaire. Translate data into digestible and informative business intelligence dashboards in Tableau, aligning dashboard design with organizational standards for cross-product consistency. Approach business challenges and questions from a quantitative and analytical perspective, using data to improve processes and develop clear recommendations. Synthesize and communicate actionable insights through written, visual, and interactive mediums. Responsible for driving data classification, accuracy, and accessibility; adding new events to database and updating events/location/item table as required Creates a cadence of reporting between DNC and client to ensure performance of food and beverage is being communicated often and transparently Tracks new concepts, menu items and initiatives to judge impact and recommend continuation/cessation Answers all ad hoc queries related all aspects of food and beverage from clients in a timely manner Works with client on promotions and sponsorships and provides information to judge impact for fans and financials. Gathers and disseminates best practices from concessionaire and MLB

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