Cloud Engineer

Kraft Analytics Group
Foxborough, MA
Sports Company
First and foremost you are passionate about learning new technologies, and crafting processes to use them to help improve the use and availability of those technologies. Youre an experienced systems administrator who understands the relationship between users, accounts, servers, applications and the networks that connect them all together. You can create and manage different types of user accounts, how they are used to run applications, and how those applications interact with each other. You can explain the interactions between a user and an application whether its a web server connecting to a database server, a third party application needing to connect to a file share, or a script running to interact with an API. All this helps you understand how an application works, and helps you identify potential problems to support the people and processes using these systems. You know the premise of leveraging cloud or SaaS services, and when to run on-premises. You want to apply your skills in a public cloud environment and think your sys admin skills set you up for success. About 95% of our resources run in AWS or from a SaaS provider and that doesnt scare you because IP and subnets and firewall rules arent that different than running on-prem. You want to learn more about running Linux alongside Windows because you think its about the right platform for the job not arguing about which OS is better like its 1995 on a tech forum. While you may have grown fond of some of your servers/servers names the idea of being able to automate how they are created and being able to standup new systems quickly is way more exciting than backing up hard drives. Dont get us wrong, backups are still VERY important but who wants to backup an OS drive when you can back up the data and have your app back up and running on a new server in minutes. In this role you will have hands on experience setting up, and supporting applications running in AWS on EC2 instances with application load balancers, databases using RDS and much more.

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