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Bob Thurman

VP Innovation, Wilson Sporting Goods


Bob Thurman has two decades of R&D experience leading the innovation process for Wilson Sporting Goods and a global organization of designers, engineers, and scientists to create and sustain competitive edge for Wilson by generating innovative concepts, technologies, and IP that fuel a constant flow of well designed, high performance sports equipment. The heritage and authenticity of the Wilson brand has always rested on R&D as the original sports equipment junkies for more than 100 years. For the next 100 years, new methods of manufacture, connected products, and evolving athletes will continue to inspire the discovery and development of new game changing products. Wilson and its sub-brands Wilson Staff, Demarini, Lousiville Slugger, ATEC are at the heart of the globe's major sports : baseball, tennis, golf, football, basketball, soccer and volleyball.

Bob Thurman

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