Press any Key to Start: How to Build an ESports Brand

About This Event

In 2019, The Overwatch League was the only major sports league to show a rise in television viewers from the 18 to 34-year-old demographic. However, despite Esports’ exponential year-over-year growth, it has struggled with cultivating strong and lasting brands. In order to do so, Esports businesses must build solid and sustainable brands to endure rapid shifts in game popularity and determine how to leverage their platforms, both online and offline. As the industry is still evolving, there is no one right answer on how to go about creating, maintaining and growing a brand in the Esports industry. In this panel, industry thought leaders from a variety of Esports businesses will discuss how they have chosen their unique path for their brand, how they generate success, and how they attract and maintain fans and customers.

Bill Walsh Room
March 6, 2020
1:45 am
2:45 am
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