Player Empowerment: I've Got The Power

About This Event

In recent years we’ve seen an undeniable increase in player influence with regards to what they make, where they play, and how they leverage their brand beyond the team. Players entering leagues often have millions of social followers and are using their voice to bring awareness to issues impacting their day-to-day life as professional athletes and society at large. With the increased influence of players, how are agents, team owners, and businesses tied to athletes ensuring an ongoing focus on the health of the sport? How are leagues balancing the focus on the team while protecting the individual? Hear how players’ voices are changing the game, impacting league economics, and affecting how organizations embrace the new norm. Panelists represent a wide range of perspectives, including athletes, owners, business partners, and media.

Bill James Room
March 5, 2020
8:45 pm
9:45 pm
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