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Creating a Sports Legacy

About This Event

Legacies are built when there is a vision for establishing something novel and long-lasting. Today’s industry game changers are learning from multiple avenues to have impact internationally, technologically, and through using data to gain a long-lasting competitive advantage in the front office and on the field. This panel brings sports industry leaders who have turned their business success in other fields to redefining the future of sports. Jonathan Kraft has created a sports dynasty in New England and is actively extending to esports, additional venues, and technology and analytics. Josh Harris trusted the process and has ownership stakes in basketball, hockey, soccer, esports and much more. Casey Wasserman turned an agency into an Olympic Movement and his impact is just beginning. Learn how they approach decision-making, hiring, investing, and what the future holds.

Bill James Room
March 1, 2019
12:30 am
1:30 am
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