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Sundance DiGiovanni

Co-Founder and CEO, Major League Gaming


Co-Founder and CEO, Major League Gaming @MLGSundance Sundance DiGiovanni is a seasoned executive, recognized thought leader in video game culture, and veteran creative director with more than 18 years of experience in the media, technology and video game space. Sundance currently serves as CEO of Major League Gaming (MLG), now the world's largest competitive video game league and provider of cross platform online videogame competition. Sundance co-founded MLG in 2002 with longtime friend Mike Sepso to combine his lifelong passion for gaming with his deeply competitive nature. As CEO, Sundance focuses on the long-term, global growth of competitive video gaming and the various distribution channels that are helping to bring this burgeoning sport to an ever-growing community worldwide. MLG reaches millions of consumers each month at www. majorleaguegaming. com and holds more than 750,000 matches online at www. gamebattles. com. MLG also operates the annual Pro Circuit of video game competitions - in person events where the world's best gamers compete. All Pro Circuit play is broadcast via LIVE streaming online to hundreds of thousands of fans from more than 170 countries. MLG enables a large and growing community and a roster of top sponsors to connect with and celebrate the tens of millions of consumers worldwide who have a passion for playing video games as a competitive social activity. Sundance has become one of the world's leading experts on gaming culture making regular appearances as an on-air video game lifestyle commentator on an array of networks. He previously served as ESPN's first and only gaming correspondent for ESPN 2's Cold Pizza. Prior to co-founding MLG, Sundance was the Worldwide Creative Director of Gotham Broadband, a New York based digital consultancy. Gotham Broadband's primary business was developing broadband strategies, consumer services and business models for some of the largest traditional media and cable and telco companies in the world. As a creative director, he has worked with a wide range of brands including AOL Time Warner, DirecTV, Sony, Pfizer, Nortel Networks, and Sprint. Sundance attended NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for Film. He currently lives in New York.

Sundance DiGiovanni

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