November 17, 2020

Launch of our New Podcast Series, "Trash Talking"

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is back with a bang for its 15th year with a fresh new perspective on the future of analytics in sports and the impact of pandemic irregularities. We are excited to announce our new podcast series, Trash Talking presented by Oracle. The team has been talking about doing a podcast for years and sees this platform as a great opportunity to extend the learning capabilities on analytics.

Join Jessica Gelman (CEO, Kraft Analytics Group) and Daryl Morey (President, Philadelphia 76ers) --the brains and brawn behind Sloan Sports Analytics Conference-- for the tipoff of the inaugural season. Jess and Daryl will debunk and demystify analytics in sports with guests spanning the sports, media, business and technology space.

While data is at the forefront, this series will also dive into topics from fan behavior and mental health to quantifying the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion in sports. We have an incredible lineup of guests including other Sloan Sports Analytics Conference veterans, Jonathan Kraft and Sue Bird.

TODAY, on our first episode, Jess and Daryl proudly welcome Bill James, baseball historian, author, and pioneer of sabermetrics, a technique made famous by Moneyball. Jess, Daryl and Bill unpack the evolution of sports analytics, and dig into what makes real analysis and innovation in sports.

We are excited to introduce “Trash Talking” and can’t wait to kick-off this incredible series. 

You can listen to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

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