July 19, 2022

SSAC23 Research Paper Competition Now Open

We are excited to announce that abstract submissions for the 2023 SSAC Research Papers contest have officially opened! The Research Papers contest has been a cornerstone of the conference for years, and we’re excited to see the cutting-edge work that authors across the sports analytics community have been conducting. Please navigate to the Research Papers section of the website to review the rules and submit your work. The deadline for submissions is September 25, 2022. 


*New* all submissions will need to be open-source and submit inputs used to conduct the research. By "open-source", this includes the following: 

  • For any publicly available data used in the research, please provide the link(s), either to the source itself or a copy of the data in a publicly available repository (e.g., GitHub)
  • For any private data used in the research, please make it publicly available through a publicly available repository and provide the link(s). Please anonymize any personal / sensitive information before uploading

Please see the rules page for more information, and please reach out to researchpapers@sloansportsconference.com with any questions. Our team looks forward to reviewing your submissions.