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The Digital Gambit: Creating Compelling Chess Content for New Audiences

About This Event

"The Digital Gambit" brings together chess legends Danny Rensch, Levy Rozman, Robert Hess, James Canty, and Daryl Morey to explore the evolution of chess in the digital era. This panel will delve into the transformation of chess content, fueled by mainstream media and online streaming, and its burgeoning appeal to a younger, tech-savvy audience. Discussions will focus on innovative formats like Chess960, the role of Twitch streamers in popularizing chess, and blending chess with other disciplines for unique content creation. The panel will also tackle the challenges of online cheating, the use of AI to enhance the chess experience, and strategies to monetize content while preserving the game’s integrity. Join us for an insightful exploration into how chess is being reimagined for a new generation, maintaining its rich heritage while embracing technological advancements. The event will also feature live demonstrations with our grandmasters interacting with the audience!

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