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Future of Football: Innovation on the Gridiron

About This Event

American Football has long held the marquee sports spot within the United States thanks to continual advancements made by leagues and in the sport at large. The NFL is in a period of growth and innovation: the NFL's fan demographics have expanded, 5 international games will be played in 2024, player safety is paramount, flag football has been added to the 2028 Olympics, NFL games accounted for 93 of the top 100 most watched TV broadcasts in 2023, and more. However, fewer of America's youth are playing the game than any time in the past decade and there is concern about the traditional college football model. In this session we'll hear from Jonathan Kraft and Paul Tudor Jones II, two business titans who are at the forefront of this new football era, about what these recent dynamics mean for the game and how they expect the game to progress over the next few years.

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