April 6, 2021

What We're Reading: April 2021

Speaker/Panelist Roundup

  • J.J. Watt signed a two-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals reuniting with former teammate DeAndre Hopkins. Watt will also rejoin former defensive backs coach for the Texans Vance Joseph as Arizona defensive coordinator. 
  • Amazon streaming services just signed a deal with the NFL, gaining full rights to Thursday Night football. Marie Donoghue discusses her thoughts on leveraging technology to enhance the sports viewers experience and the future outlook for Amazon sports.
  • Mark Cuban reflects on the day the NBA shut down and his initial reaction to how big of a threat the COVID-19 virus could be. Cuban also touches on his immediate concerns as a team owner and the efforts he has made to take care of employees.

MLB Opening Day

Major League Baseball kicked off its season last week with Opening Day on Thursday. Some of our favorite media outlets have covered what could be in store for each team this season, including ESPN with its season preview power rankings and MLB.com with its bold predictions for each team. For more coverage, the Ringer’s Michael Baumann takes a look at the most exciting players across the league on the “MLB.tv team” and for a series of hot takes, Matt Snyder from CBS Sports draws some very early conclusions about the upcoming season after the Opening Day games. MLB.com also gives fans a guide to how COVID will factor into the 2021 season and the protocols the league has put in place to ensure players’ and fans’ safety.  

NCAA Likeness Supreme Court Case 

The Supreme Court began hearing arguments in the NCAA vs. Alston case last week and their ultimate ruling could have major implications for collegiate athletics and beyond. Legal Analyst Michael McCann examines some major questions regarding the case in Sportico and NPR’s Nina Totenberg summarized some of the highlights from the first day, including what each justice had to say.

Masters Preview 

With the Master’s PGA Championship just around the corner, check out how SportLine's prediction model has been spot-on forecasting many of the top finishers since the return of the PGA tour in June. Golf Digest also breaks down the PGA's hottest hands and the latest improvement to their game as well as concerns for the future.