March 18, 2021

15th Anniversary Careers Spotlight: Slants

What is Slants? 

Slants is an AI and computer vision based player tracking system that works entirely off of video.

Why did you start Slants? 

We initially saw an opportunity to automate a lot of the routine data collection that happens on a weekly basis in the NFL / NCAA. This later evolved into an opportunity to develop collegiate player tracking data as a means to help teams with improved scouting efficiency based on actual game speed.

Tell me about your Sloan Sports Analytics conference experience?

Winning the 2018 research paper competition at SSAC provided us with an opportunity to speak with over half of the NFL teams in a single weekend. A few teams in particular saw the potential advantages that Slants could provide and partnered with us to help transform our research paper into an actual product that has been featured in the NYT, WSJ, and CBS Sports.

What does the future look like for Slants/ what are key improvements your team is focused on?

While working with NFL teams has been our bread and butter, we're looking to expand further into other opportunities within football, as well as other sports. Computer-vision based tracking systems provide a seamless experience, and we anticipate a growing market.