cricWAR: A reproducible system for evaluating player performance in limited-overs cricket

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Hassan Rafique


This paper presents a comprehensive framework and a novel set of metrics for player evaluation in limited-overs cricket. Due to the rise of T20 cricket leagues, there is significant interest in comprehensive statistics that capture the net value an individual player adds, and traditional cricket stats fall short of that goal. Inspired by sabermetrics, we develop metrics such as run value, runs above average (RAA), value over replacement player (VORP), and wins above replacement (WAR) for batters and bowlers in limited-overs cricket. These metrics are calculated using ball-by-ball data readily available through the R package cricketdata, co-developed by us. We assess the uncertainty in RAA and WAR estimates through a resampling approach. Finally, we discuss the reliability of these metrics and comment on the possible implications of this work for the T20 teams.