Vosse de Boode

Head of Sports Science

Vosse de Boode joined AFC Ajax in 2011 to lead off the Adidas miCoach Performance Centre. As the Head of Sports Science at Ajax she is responsible for management of the Sports Science and Analytics Department.

 This department is responsible for all data collection and analysis concerning player performance on physical, technical and tactical aspects, from Youth Academy to A-selection. Collected data are used to provide the multi-disciplinary staff with objective information in able to make better decisions for each individual as well as the team.

 Together with several universities in the area of Amsterdam, she runs PhD and Master research projects to gain deeper knowledge on different aspects of the game of football. Vosse holds a Master of Science in Human Movement studies (biomechanics and physiology) and a Bachelor in Physiotherapy. Besides football she has experience as a sports scientist in tennis, baseball, rugby and equine sports.