Eric Makhni

Orthopedic Surgeon
Henry Ford Health System

Dr. Eric Makhni is a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon with the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI. He is currently a team physician for the Detroit Lions and is a former team physician of the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls. He specializes in ligament reconstruction and cartilage preservation of the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee, with a special emphasis on treating shoulder and elbow injuries in baseball players and overhead athletes.

Dr. Makhni has authored nearly 100 scientific articles and textbook chapters in the field of sports medicine. He has published extensively on Tommy John surgery in baseball players, with special focus on outcomes after surgery in Major League Baseball players. His research has been featured on ESPN and has been presented at numerous national sports medicine conferences over the years. Dr. Makhni is also pioneering the field of wearable technology and injury prevention in baseball players.