2016 Alpha Awards

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS! The effort, smarts, and innovation that participants bring to these events never cease to amaze us. Several great companies / minds got their start at SSAC, so keep an eye on these winners! Hackathon: Student: Ashutosh Nanda Open: Colin Davy First Pitch Case Competition: 3rd Place: Old Dominion 2nd Place: Cornell University 1st Place: McGill University Research Paper: Grand Prize: “The Thin Edge of the Wedge”: Accurately Predicting Shot Outcomes in Tennis Using Style and Context Priorsby Patrick Lucey, Stuart Morgan, Machar Reid, Sridha Sridharan, and Xinyu Wei An article will be written with FiveThirtyEight based on this research Fan Vote Poster: Finding the Open Receiver: A Quantitative Geospatial Analysis of Quarterback Decision-Making, by Jeremy Hochstedler Trade Show: Less than $1M in Fundraising: Humon Greater than $1M in Fundraising: Halo Neuroscience 5th ANNUAL ALPHA AWARDS WINNERS Best Transaction – Leicester City Best Innovation – Babolat Play Best Analytics Organization – Golden State Warriors Lifetime Achievement – Michael Lewis Best Analytics Organization of the Decade – Tampa Bay Rays Best Advanced Statistic – VORP, Keith Woolner (baseball) Best Transaction of the Decade – New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees Best Innovation – MLB Advanced Media 10-for-10 Attendees: Dean Oliver, Eli Witus, Aaron, Barzilai, Shira Springer, Mike Zarren, Ken Catanella, Gabriel Farkus, Sachin Gupta, Jessica Gelman, and Daryl Morey