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Sports Business Analytics Intern

Company Name: 
E15 Group
Type of Company:
Non-Sports Company
Position Type:
Paid Internship
Contact Name: 
Melissa Melnick
Contact Email:
Date Posted:
February 27, 2022
Anticipated Start Date:
June 8, 2022

Position Description

As an Intern in this 10-Week program, you’ll work with an analytics team that collaborates with some of the biggest brands in sports and entertainment to provide better performance reporting, build predictive models, optimize operations, create new insights, and perform a wide range of other data-driven activities that help grow the business. The program is intended to be in-person with interns working from E15’s Home Office located in Chicago, IL 3-4 days per week, 1-2 remote workdays per week. Please note: no housing subsidy is provided for temporary relocation.

Desired Qualifications

Demonstrated experience analyzing complex data Excellent communication and data presentation skills Strong business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset Proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint A good command of statistics A collaborative work style Familiarity with one or more of Python, R, SQL, C++, and Java

How to Apply

Complete the application from the link provided immediately followed by a video interview