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Quantitative Sports Researcher

Company Name: 
New York, New York
Type of Company:
Sports Company
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Contact Name: 
Dan Rosen
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Date Posted:
January 19, 2023
Anticipated Start Date:
February 1, 2023

Position Description

Our quantitative research team aims to challenge the state-of-the-art in sports analytics. We aggregate techniques from leading open-source sports prediction models and develop our own proprietary methods to incorporate live data into a real-time market making strategy. You’ll work on advanced models and data ingestion pipelines as part of the first end-to-end sports trading platform ever built. You’ll apply your experience in machine learning and prediction modeling to build a rigorous understanding of sports analytics. With specialized knowledge in at least one of the major American leagues, you will also serve as the stats specialist for your respective sport domains. We are taking the first steps toward the “financialization" of the sports betting industry, and it starts with our focus on research and technology.

Desired Qualifications

How to Apply

Email jobs@novig.co