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Premium Pricing Analyst

Company Name: 
BSE Global
Brooklyn, New York
Type of Company:
Sports Team
Position Type:
Contact Name: 
Kelsey McDonald
Contact Email:
Date Posted:
March 3, 2023
Anticipated Start Date:
April 3, 2023

Position Description

The Premium Pricing Analyst will report to our Director of Ticketing Strategy & Pricing Analytics while working alongside the rest of the analytics team to determine long-term and short-term pricing strategies for premium products (Suites, courtside seats, concert tickets, etc.). This person will also monitor and price inventory with a focus on revenue optimization and assist in all aspects of the revenue management program including research, reporting, new opportunity identification, and strategic development. They will be front and center in the execution of our overall pricing and selling strategies for premium products while testing and refining tactical decisions autonomously.

Desired Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree with prior work experience in analytics, sports, and/or pricing preferred. Strong Python skills with experience web scraping is ideal. Excel, SQL, and Tableau skills are also a plus.

How to Apply

Apply at this link: https://www.bseglobal.net/careers/job/?gh_jid=5496451003&dep=4005787003