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Manager, B2B Analytics

Company Name: 
Pittsburgh Pirates
Pittsburgh, PA
Type of Company:
Sports Team
Position Type:
Contact Name: 
Jason Witzberger
Contact Email:
Date Posted:
April 8, 2021
Anticipated Start Date:
May 15, 2021

Position Description

The Manager, B2B Analytics supports initiatives within the Business Intelligence and Corporate Partnerships & Hospitality departments through research and analysis. This position analyzes partnership category evaluation, premium inventory pricing, and asset valuation. In addition, this position conducts market research to identify business-to-business opportunities and analyze consumer behavior profiles to be used in pitches to potential partners. The Manager, B2B Analytics discusses and presents analysis to Pirates executives and supports the sales team in presentations and sales pitches in both technical and non-technical ways.

Desired Qualifications

Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in business, data science, statistics, applied math, finance, business analytics, economics, econometrics, or similar field. Three (3) years of experience in business analytics, strategy, or B2B sales. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel or similar data analysis software. Proficient at gathering, transforming, and analyzing large complex datasets.

How to Apply

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