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Company Name: 
HD Intelligence
Fully Remote (US)
Type of Company:
Sports Company
Position Type:
Contact Name: 
Matt Dover
Contact Email:
Date Posted:
March 23, 2023
Anticipated Start Date:
October 1, 2023

Position Description

This person will work directly with the coaching staffs of HDI clients, providing standard reports as well as custom analysis (written and verbal) on a regular basis. This is a part-time, hourly position. This is a seasonal position, with hours almost exclusively during basketball season (October-March). Some hours are flexible, while other hours involve covering games at specific times on nights and weekends. This is a 100% work-from-home position, so there are no geographical requirements.

Desired Qualifications

Love for the game of basketball, an understanding of the analytical side of the game, and strong communication skills are the only true requirements.Technical skills such as coding, data modeling, and database management are a plus but not required.First-hand experience in college basketball (as a player, manager, or staff member) is preferred but not required.

How to Apply

Please reach out to co-founder Matt Dover, who is attending the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: matt@hdintelligence.com