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Company Name: 
Boston Glory
Boston MA
Type of Company:
Sports Team
Position Type:
Unpaid Internship
Contact Name: 
Peter Collery
Contact Email:
Date Posted:
January 8, 2022
Anticipated Start Date:
January 1, 2022

Position Description

Boston Glory is a semi-professional Ultimate Frisbee team playing in the 25-team American Ultimate Disc League. Glory possesses what is almost certainly the largest (and growing) collection of in-game Ultimate data ever assembled. The team is hoping to use this data to determine the efficacy of various strategies and to ascertain the value contributed by individual players. We're looking for people to help us do this. While the team is located in the Boston area (home games are played at Hormel Stadium in Medford), the work can be done remotely.

Desired Qualifications

Our ideal candidate will have a curious nature, familiarity with Ultimate, facility with statistics and data manipulation (specifically including excel/google sheets), and an enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of sports knowledge.

How to Apply

Candidates can submit a cover letter and resume to