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Don’t Get Defensive, presented by ESPN, is an opportunity for you to test your knowledge of defensive schemes across sports. Players will be shown clips from various sports and asked to determine which player(s) were out of position, causing the offensive team to score. The top three scoring finalists will be invited to compete live against Kirk Goldsberry (current NBA Analyst) and Darius Butler (former NFL defensive back) on Friday, April 9th from 4-5:15 PM EST. There are 14 plays in the first round quiz below.

Players will be allowed to complete the game only once and answers will remain hidden until 6 PM EST Thursday, April 8th, to maintain the integrity of the game. In the first round, players can view clips as many times as needed and can change the playback speed through the video streaming settings. The images below show how to enlarge or slow down the videos for better viewing.
Click the arrows icon on the video to make it full screenClick the gear icon on the video player to open a menu that allows you to change video playback speed
Completion time will be used as a tiebreaker. Your time starts as soon as you submit your email address below, so try to complete the quiz in one sitting! It is estimated to take at least 15 minutes. Contact us if you have questions or need help.

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