Tom Tango

Senior Data Architect

Tom Tango is a Senior Data Architect at MLB, with a focus on creating metrics for using Statcast data.  Catch Probability, Sprint Speed, Barrels, Infield Outs Above Average are among the next generation of metrics that are intriguing fans.  He is co-author of the well-received sabermetrics book The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball.  Many of the topics discussed are finding their way into the current era of strategy, notably theories on batting order, pitching times through the order, sacrifice bunting, intentional walks, and batter-pitcher matchups.  He engages with like-minded fans at his blog, through various timely topics, such as Infield Shifts, player strategies, and Bayes Theorem. Among the metrics he has created are Leverage Index, FIP, and wOBA, along with developing the framework for WAR.  These metrics are being championed at popular sites Fangraphs and Baseball Reference.