Ryan Garfat

Senior Esports Editor

Ryan Garfat has been an editor and journalist in one way or another for nearly 20 years, covering or leading coverage of nearly 200 sporting events and seasons. From hand-coding websites, developing database tools, editing video and photos and stories, moderating message boards and on-site reporting, no day has been the same. Throughout all this, he’s been an advocate for ethics in journalism no matter the medium.

Currently, Ryan is a senior editor for ESPN esports, using his experience to help shape a young staff covering the next great sports movement in America. As more traditional sports executives have poured money into esports leagues, and the scene in North America has exploded, ESPN esports has been in the middle of it, telling stories of players, competition, business and trades with a high degree of professionalism and depth.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing video games moderately well, can be found on the golf course in a duffer league or riding his bike near his home at the beach, enjoys the variety of food Los Angeles offers and is an avid music buff. Ryan is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio, class of 2000.