Robbie Allen

CEO and Founder, Automated Insights


Robbie Allen is the CEO and Founder of Automated Insights (Ai), an artificial intelligence company based in Durham, NC. Robbie drives the company’s strategic vision, oversees engineering and research, and ensures the company continues to be named best place to work in the Raleigh-Durham area, an honor it’s received for three years in a row.

Automated Insights uses its patented Wordsmith natural language generation platform to transform Big Data into written reports with the depth of analysis, personality and variability of a human writer. Wordsmith generates thousands of corporate earnings stories for The Associated Press, millions of vehicle descriptions every week for, and tens of millions of weekly fantasy football recaps for Yahoo. Samsung, Comcast, and many other Fortune 500 companies use Wordsmith to turn Big Data into actionable narratives.

Robbie started writing code to automate the writing process while working at Cisco, where he was a Distinguished Engineer, the company’s top technical position. He has two engineering Master’s degrees from MIT and has authored or co-authored ten books about enterprise software and software development.