Ravi Ramineni

Director of Soccer Analytics, Seattle Sounders

Ravi Ramineni is the Director of Soccer Analytics at Seattle Sounders FC. He is the architect of the analytics platform that helps the coaching staff make informed decisions about day-to-day activities like opposition scouting and training plans as well as helping identify players for potential signings from both within MLS and from the international market. Ravi works with physical and physiological data from training and matches as well as event and optical tracking datasets from matches. Before joining the Sounders in 2013, Ravi worked at Microsoft for 6 years on a variety of projects including analyzing large-scale datasets of user-behavior on Bing search engine and building a rules-based fraud detection engine for Microsoft online properties.

Ravi hails from Tenali, India. He has a Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics and Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering.