Raúl Peláez Blanco

Head of Sport Technology Innovation Analysis, FC Barcelona

Raúl Peláez is a soccer coach, computer multimedia engineer and data analysist. His areas of expertise include technology, disruptive innovation, knowledge management and organizational transformation. Since 2010, Raúl is Head of Sports Technology, Innovation and Analysis for FC Barcelona. As the chief analyst, Raul leads a great multidisciplinary team composed of data scientists, match analysts and engineers, aimed at helping Barça achieve sports excellence. Before turning to professional soccer, he spent 12 years in the R&D Department of Hewlett-Packard. During those years, he also enjoyed being a soccer coach in the youth academy of RCD Espanyol, where he co-founded the Planning and Researching Department. In the 2006/07 season, he joined the professional structure of RCD Espanyol on a full-time basis responding directly to the Sports Director and Scouting Department and monitoring performance analysis for the professional team. Since joining FC Barcelona, he has driving, amongst other projects, COR platform to integrate all sport data; Sport Science Department; Sports Technology Symposium; Barça Innovation Hub. Raúl Peláez Blanco is currently engaged with several projects promoted by FIFA, US Olympic Committee and Laliga.