Nicole Pike

Global Managing Director
Nielsen Esports

Nicole Pike is Managing Director of Nielsen’s global esports business. Her mission is to not only help clients understand why esports is an important trend to activate against, but also how to strategically invest themselves while remaining authentic to their own audience and the passionate esports fan base.

She has built career with Nielsen consulting with key players in the gaming and esports industries, bringing insights and actionability to their strategy around fan engagement, sponsorship, and new product launches. With her expertise, endemic gaming companies, rights holders, brands, broadcasters, and more have successfully entered and excelled in the fast-paced games and esports marketplace.

Nicole led Nielsen’s jump into the rapidly expanding global esports market, coordinating experts and products across the well-established Nielsen Games and Nielsen Sports verticals to form the Nielsen Esports division. Under her leadership, Nielsen has developed a tailored practice area for clients looking to understand the fans, sponsorship opportunities, and future trends in the ever-evolving esports space.