Mitch Lasky


Mitch Lasky is a partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Benchmark and a co-owner of LAFC. Lasky spent two decades in the video game business before becoming a professional investor, helping start Disney’s interactive software business, launching two startups (one of which he took public as CEO), running Activision studios, where he published Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Quake 3 Arena, and running mobile and online gaming at Electronic Arts.

At Benchmark, Lasky has made many early-stage investments in technology and entertainment companies, most notably Snapchat, Riot Games (League of Legends), and Discord. During his tenure, Benchmark has became one of the most successful venture firms of the last decade, leading early rounds in Instagram, Twitter, and Uber, as well.

A life-long soccer fan, Lasky joined the ownership group at LAFC in early 2016.