Matt Horton

Senior Director of Data Science

Matt Horton is the Senior Director of Data Science at Major League Baseball (MLB). In his 11+ years at MLB, Matt has developed numerous projects including predicting ticket buyers’ future purchasing behavior to aid teams in prioritizing their marketing efforts and building a framework for predicting and preventing subscriber churn for MLB’s game-streaming service, MLB.TV. Most recently, Matt’s team has been focused on quantifying fans’ relationships with their favorite teams, modeling trends in both team and league-wide attendance, and estimating fans’ future engagement with MLB.

Prior to joining MLB, Matt worked for Rosetta and Accenture. He has a BS in Statistics from the University of Tennessee and a Masters in Applied Statistics from Cornell University.

In addition to him being a huge baseball fan, Matt is also an avid fan of sports in general rooting for teams from his home state of Tennessee, including the Volunteers, Titans, Predators, and Grizzlies.