Kristen Kuliga

Paid Inc.

Kristen Kuliga, a native of Assonet, Massachusetts, currently oversees the celebrity services and K Sports departments of Paid, Inc. in Boston, MA. She is responsible for the development of the music artist business and the representation and marketing of NFL players as well as management of special events. Previously, Kristen was the founder and principal of K Sports & Entertainment, LLC until November of 2004 when her company was purchased by Paid, Inc. She was the first woman to negotiate a starting NFL quarterback’s contract, having negotiated Doug Flutie’s original $33 million contract with the San Diego Chargers. She also negotiated the subsequent restructuring and his deal with the New England Patriots and his current broadcasting deal with ABC Sports and ESPN. Kristen currently represents 10 NFL players and free agents. In addition, her team oversees the marketing and endorsement business for many other NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball players.

Kristen has also negotiated complex sponsorship and endorsement contracts with companies such as: NIKE, Reebok, MCI, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, ESPN, Papa Gino’s, McDonald’s, MBNA, Sports Illustrated, Sun Life Financial, Dunkin Donuts, and Motorola. In the entertainment marketplace, she oversees new client development for Paid celebrity services and has negotiated online brand marketing and website licensing agreements with music artists, including, Aerosmith, Patti Labelle, Keith Lockhart, the Cars, DMC (from Run-DMC) and Rockapella.

Prior to opening K Sports & Entertainment, Kristen worked for a venture capital firm that invested in sports and entertainment corporations and held positions as General Counsel and Vice President of Athlete Marketing at Woolf Associates, a full-service sports management and marketing firm. She is a cum laude graduate of both the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1991) and Suffolk University Law School (1994).