Kris Homsi

Kris Homsi

Science Director, SPARQ

As Science Director for SPARQ, Kris Homsi is responsible for the Ratings architecture and testing services that have helped thousands of coaches and young athletes worldwide identify, classify and develop their talent through dynamic athletic training. Last year alone more than 70,000 athletes were rated on their overall athleticism, indexed in terms of their individual capacities to meet the physical demands of American football, global football (soccer), basketball, baseball, fastpitch softball, volleyball and other field sports.

Since joining SPARQ in 2006, Homsi has directed the company’s efforts to integrate quantitative methods, sport science and digital applications in the service of high school-age athletes, their coaches and trainers. SPARQ develops tools and programs to assess talent, guide training and inspire athletes determined to reach the next level in their sporting careers. SPARQ Testing has been featured in Sports Illustrated for Kids, The Wall Street Journal, and on ESPN’s 3rd-season premiere of ‘The Contender’, the boxing reality series.

Prior to SPARQ, Homsi worked for various technology companies in process research, technology development and product management roles. He has managed two of the most widely used assessments in consumer health and K-12 educational services, shepherding them from white-board concepts to revenue-generating online applications.

Homsi holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Management Science from Princeton and M.I.T. He grew up in Natick, Mass. playing football and throwing jav. His sporting pursuits over the last decade include cricket, snowboarding, bike commuting and street hockey in Portland, Oregon, where he resides with his wife and two daughters.