Joe Brennan Jr

Co-Founder and CEO,

Joe is the co-founder and CEO of SportAD (Sport Analytics & Data Corp), a startup in the betting & fantasy sports industry.

Prior to starting the firm, Joe was Director of IMEGA, where he helped draft and pass New Jersey’s constitutional amendment to permit legal sports betting, which is currently under review by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Joe was also director of the “Vote Yes” campaign that led New Jersey voters in 2011 to approve the referendum to permit sports betting in the state. He served as the lead plaintiff in 2009, along with NJ Governor Jon Corzine and the NJ state legislature, in the original legal challenge to the Federal ban on sports betting.

Prior to that, Joe was Director of Strategy for America Online, Inc.(AOL) and Senior Editor/Manager of Internet Promotions and e-Commerce at Nextel (now part of Sprint)