Jill Stelfox

VP and GM, Zebra

Jill joined Zebra location solutions as VP and GM in 2012, tasked with directing strategy to enhance the innovative solutions offered by the company.

Her goal is to accelerate the development of exciting new technologies and generate new applications that will bring Zebra customers’ additional benefits, in terms of efficiency, improvement in the bottom line, and rapid return on investment.

Jill has led Zebra to be first in its industry to sell one million real-time locating systems tags for motion tracking and led the development of next generation active RFID for real-time player tracking, data-visualization and statistics.

Before Zebra, Jill was Binary Group’s CFO and Head of Corporate Development, leading all functions related to finance and accounting, tax, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and human resources.

Jill graduated from California State University. She is also a mom, a leader in her community, a philanthropist, and an avid Harley Davidson motorcyclist.