Jason Concepcion

Senior Creative
The Ringer

Jason Concepcion is Senior Creative at The Ringer. He is the host and creator of the maybe-popular digital series NBA Desktop and the cohost, along with Mallory Rubin, of the objectively-popular podcast Binge Mode, which was named the best podcast of 2017 by Time Magazine. He has written about subjects as diverse as Game of Thrones, Esports, and whether Paul Pierce soiled himself during the 2008 Finals. His work somehow garnered him a 2018 Shorty Award nomination for journalism.

In addition to his work at The Ringer, Concepcion cowrote the script for the video game NBA 2K18, including all of LaVar Ball’s in-game social media posts and text messages.

Before joining The Ringer in 2016, Concepcion wrote for Grantland from 2014 until the website’s demise. He began his career by tweeting about the NBA in his spare time.