Jason Bernard

Baseball Research and Development Manager

Jason Bernard serves as Manager of Baseball Research & Development at Major League Baseball (MLB) and is a former adjunct professor at the Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport at the New York University (NYU) School of Professional Studies. Since starting at MLB in 2015, Jason has focused on statistical analysis, metric creation and data presentation from the information provided by the Statcast tracking system. Expected Stats, Pitch Movement, and Infield Outs Above Average are all examples that can be found at BaseballSavant.MLB.com.

His work as a professor at NYU included teaching advanced analytics and critical baseball thinking, preparing individuals for a career in baseball operations or analytics. Topics covered included popular industry stats, such as WAR, wRC+, and FIP, as well as Statcast-created statistics, such as Barrels, Outfield OAA, and xwOBA. The foundations taught in the course were then applied to real life applications (trades, signings, etc.).