Peter Weyand

Professor, Southern Methodist University

Dr. Weyand is the Glenn Simmons Professor of Applied Physiology and Biomechanics in the Department of Applied Physiology and Wellness at Southern Methodist University. He formerly directed research efforts at Harvard University’s Concord Field Station. His research subjects have included antelope, emus, rodents and professional athletes with and without limb amputations.

Dr. Weyand’s work focuses on mechanics, metabolism and performance at the whole-body level. He served as a lead investigator in high-profile projects, including: the “Michael Johnson, Wired Athlete” project prior to the 2000 Olympics, the Oscar Pistorius project prior to his Court of Arbitration for Sport appeal hearing in Switzerland in 2008, and the “Physics of Basketball Flopping” project. Dr. Weyand currently serves as the lead scientist for the biomechanics and bio-modeling portion of the Sub-2-Hour marathon project based in the UK with satellite operations in Kenya and Ethiopia.