Dr. Lorena Martin

Professor of Sports Performance Analytics, Northwestern University

Lorena Martin is an applied behavioral scientist, quantitative methodologist, and exercise physiologist. She specializes in the use of statistical methods in health behaviors and sports performance. Dr. Martin is an active researcher and analyst in health and exercise physiology, where she makes extensive use of both traditional explanatory methods and predictive models. She has consulted for the NFL, NBA, and the ATP organizations. An experienced professor of statistics and avid user of the R software environment, she holds a doctorate from the University of Miami and three years of postdoctoral research at UC San Diego prior to becoming faculty at Northwestern University where she currently teaches introduction to statistical analysis, biostatistics and epidemiology, and sports performance analytics. She is the author of the book, Sports Performance Measurement and Analytics: The Science of Assessing Performance, Predicting Future Outcomes, Interpreting Statistical Models, and Evaluating the Market Value of Athletes.